Movies That Have Made Me Feel

A list of movies that have given me all the feels.

Soul Mates and Other Talks About Love

After four months apart, I finally met up with my friend Candace again (Go check out her blog here). So much has happened with both of our lives within these last months so we had much to catch up on. We enjoyed a lovely messy lunch at Tortaria (94 University Place, NY, NY), where I enjoyed…

Italy, The Lumineers, and the Start of a New Year

I haven’t written in what feels like a million years. But, in my own defense, there has been a lot happening. In January I was able to travel and study abroad in Venice Italy for three weeks with my University. I have to say, it was the greatest three weeks of my life so far. There…

Staying Happy While at College

As the weather turns colder and colder, and you find yourself spending less time outside in the fresh air and more time in your dorm room, it’s very easy to fall into a hole of seasonal depression.

OMG! A Dorm Tour?

I hope that “OMG!” in the title caught your attention and brought you to click on this blog post because you think I’m an exciting person. If you were expecting that then I’m sorry because I don’t think I’m really THAT exciting… but my dorm room is!

My Style Inspirations

I crave effortless style. I love the falling out of bed, putting on a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and pony tail and looking fabulous.