I Made a Smoothie Bowl and You Can Too

Fun fact: breakfast could possibly be my least favorite meal of the day. I know, I know, SCANDALOUS. But really, eating a large amount of food right after waking up is not very high on my list. Therefore, finding a yummy breakfast to eat is really important to me, especially a fairly “healthy” one (although I will admit to eating chocolate chip pancakes 4/7 days of the week).

This is where the smoothie bowl comes in. It’s absolutely INSANE how easy it is to make. And there are so many different ways to make it that there is literally no wrong way. So, here I’ll share with you two different smoothies I made the past few weeks that have the same base smoothie but different toppings.

And yes. Both do contain a large amount of chocolate because I can’t just give that up.

BASICALLY this is the easiest recipe ever and if an awful chef like me can make it so can you. And just a warning, all measurements are approximate. I don’t measure them out while making it, I just eye it, but these are about what I put in. You can increase or decrease measurements where ever you see fit.


1 banana (preferably frozen)

**Note: if you don’t have a frozen banana, just throw some ice in the blender**

4 Tbs cocoa powder

1 healthy spoonful of peanut butter (there really is no wrong amount)

1 cup of almond milk ( you just want to make sure the milk is less that all your other ingredients)

Optional: I add a handful of chocolate chips, because there isn’t enough chocolate.

Put all in blender. Blend.

Now comes the fun part. DECORATING. Again, no wrong way of doing this. You like a certain food? Throw it on top. In case you want some ideas I’ll share my last two bowls with you.

In this smoothie bowl I topped it with a few lines of coconut shavings, some chocolate chips, and some chopped hazelnuts. I call it my “Smooth-Tella Bowl” (I mean not really really but that’s a pretty great name).

This one I topped with a line of toasted coconut (which I put on a pan and stuck in the oven for a few minutes), cut up strawberries, and finished with some sliced almonds. And this one has no cool name because I’m not creative enough to think of one, sorry.

I would recommend getting your toppings ready before blending your smoothie to make sure it doesn’t melt ( I’m guilty of that) and just be ready to drink it out of the bowl by then end. There may be a way to keep it cool the whole time, but hey, I’m no Masterchef here, I just watch the show.

Finally, not trying to tell you how to live your life, but sit down on the sofa, turn on Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood , and enjoy your smoothie bowl!



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