Soul Mates and Other Talks About Love

After four months apart, I finally met up with my friend Candace again (Go check out her blog here). So much has happened with both of our lives within these last months so we had much to catch up on.

We enjoyed a lovely messy lunch at Tortaria (94 University Place, NY, NY), where I enjoyed the best chicken tacos and chips with guac. We began to venture toward the Brooklyn Bridge where, unfortunately, I had yet to go despite my close proximity to the city. As we walked and walked and walked, Candace and I talked and talked and talked. We ranged our discussion topics from those of school, travel, and relationships.

As we were sitting on a bench, resting our feet after walking three miles, and looking out upon the Manhattan skyline, Candace turned to me and asked if I believed in soul mates. I paused. Did I?

After thinking a moment, I responded.

Although there is definitely someone out there for everyone, I don’t believe each person simply has one soul mate. There could be many people out in this world of people that could be your soul mate, and each relationship with them would be vastly different. As we continued to talk we concluded that even if there was a singular soul mate for one person, that soul mate may not be the one who will make the person the happiest.

We circled the conversation back around to our parents and the types of relationships they have. Personally, my parents, aunt,  uncle, and grandparents were all high school sweethearts and all married the first person they seriously dated. I recognize this is definitely not the norm at all for most relationships. We wondered if the relationships your parents have contributes at all to the types of people you become attracted to.

Continuing on, we got very existential. We talked about how the person you’re dating is either going to end up being the one you marry or the one you’re going to break up with. So, what’s the point?

So, what’s the point?

As two people who *cough cough* have not yet been in a relationship, we were asking some pretty deep questions about them and life in general.

Anyways. After our existential crisis about life and relationships, we realized we had walked about two additional miles. Oops.

After walking to the donut place we visited last meet up and discovering they were *gasp* out of donuts, we stopped by Dominique Ansel Bakery for some pastries that wouldn’t break our hearts. IMG_9570.JPG

We walked away from our day with the mantra that boys are stupid but our time will come. Right now, we’re enjoying being surrounded by good friends, self-love, and lots and lots of pastries.

Happy Valentines Day ❤



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