Trippy Museums and Good Eats

I crave finding weird places in NYC and the New Museum in the Bowery was definitely one of them.

The museum itself was not the weirdest thing per say, but the art exhibit being held there kind of was. Accompanied by my ever faithful friend, Candace, we walked the 2 miles to the museum. Because who really wants to pay for a Subway.

**Side note: Go follow Candace’s blog because she’s amazing 

But back to the super calming, soothing museum.

Pipilotti Rist’s Pexel Forest took up the second, third and fourth floor and it’s designed to view as you go up each level. Each floor seemed like a dream world in which I probably could not make up if I tried. If I attempted to explain the exhibition to you, I doubt I would give it justice. You just have to trust me and go! Here are some cute pictures of the ethereal images and experiences from the museum, and the stunning view from the seventh floor…



Hopefully these pictures can give the masterpiece SOME justice because honestly, words can not. (And yes, one of those images was a photo of a lamp made of underwear).

But wait, the day was not over there. Since walking 2 miles to the museum wasn’t enough we walked over to SoHo to grab some lunch. And after walking, and walking, and walking, we finally found some place we wanted to go to lunch and it was AMAZING.

Me and Candace entered the newly opened and established Coco & Cru.img_8631

We sat right by the window which made it perfect for people watching, which is my favorite pastime.

Candace got the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich with the most amazing fries and I ordered the Spinach Salad which had raspberries, sweet potato, apple, walnuts, goat cheese, and I’m pretty sure they sprinkled it with some of the most delicious salt I’ve had…

If you get a chance, definitely go!


By the end of the day, we decided that we probably walked close to 6 miles but it was all worth it.



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