Paris Movies When I’m Feeling Especially Parisian

On days like today, when I don’t leave my room once, I like to be transported somewhere beautiful, romantic, and full of magic: Paris. Waking up this morning I knew it would be a day where I stayed in bed and kept my pajama pants on all day. After eating a pecan danish for breakfast (at 1 in the afternoon) I began thinking of all the movies I’ve seen where I’ve been mentally and emotionally transported somewhere else. In all the movies I thought of, there was a theme. I was always transported to Paris. So, of course, I began making a list of movies that make me feel especially Parisian.

Please enjoy this list of movies all about the love, beauty, romance, and culinary excellence of Paris while I eat three day old, microwaved dominoes pizza.


The Hundred Foot Journey


Basically, an Indian restaurant opens right across the street (One hundred feet if you will) from an uppity 5 star french cuisine restaurant. The movie is about the fight  between the two restaurants and the story of the Indian chef who wants to learn more about cooking in France.



An adorable movie where the main character, Amelie, finds a collection of toys in her apartment and is determined to return them to their owner. And of course finds love on the way.

Julie and Julia


The movie plays through two storylines. The first one is of Julia Child’s process of writing her cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. The second story is of Amy Adam’s character Julie who begins a blog of her mission to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook in a limited number of days. Meryl Streep is amazing in this but the real winner is Stanley Tucci who is just my favorite person on this planet.



Judge me all you want, but I’ve been thinking about Ratatouille for about a month now. If anybody wants to be my best friend they’ll get it for me as a Christmas gift. But honestly, who doesn’t love an underdog story with a rat who has passion for cooking and a human who can’t cook to save his life? A masterpiece.



My absolute favorite movie from my childhood. No wonder it’s set in Paris. My love of cats and France comes together in this outstanding movie and words just don’t even give it justice. If you’ve never seen it, please go watch it. Even if it’s the only movie you watch out of this list.

There are so many other amazing French movies out there but these have a very special place in my heart. While I finish my last slice of pizza and watch the snow fall outside, I’ll probably procrastinate on studying for finals and spend my night having my own Parisian movie marathon.



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