OMG! A Dorm Tour?

I hope that “OMG!” in the title caught your attention and brought you to click on this blog post because you think I’m an exciting person. If you were expecting that then I’m sorry because I don’t think I’m really THAT exciting… but my dorm room is! (How do you like that seamless transition?) But that’s right, I have moved back in to a dorm room for my second year at college. Unlike last year, I am so completely absolutely in love with each of my four roommates. I know a lot of people plan extensively with their roommates before arriving on move-in day and if that’s you then well done. You have your shit together. Me and my roommates kept in constant contact all summer, but never actually spoke about what each person was bringing. So move in day was basically Christmas. We each watched what everyone unpacked and had a mini freak out because there’s SO MUCH STUFF. (Like it’s almost ridiculous but it’s fine, I love them anyways).

Just so you know, as the reader, I do live in a suite. This means that there are two bedrooms with two beds each, one bathroom, and one lounge/living room area. Great, right? Right.

So onto the actual purpose of this blog post, which is to showcase my dorm suite I am insanely proud of.

My Room

We really lucked out this year and were blessed with the corner room. So now we have an adorable little alcove where our air conditioner/heater is and where we keep our bookshelf.


On our windowsill we have our little lantern that serves no other purpose than decoration and our pet aloe plant named Chester.
Our pineapple lights hanging over our little alcove




Please enjoy that little quote I shamefully spoke the first day.





Foyer (Literally just a hallway but we’re pretentious)

Fun Fact: The lights stand for the first letter of our first names but it just looks like we’re really big Beck fans.
I just thought this picture was cute so enjoy.


Lounge Area


Norman was “rescued” by my suite mates last year…

But there you have it! I didn’t show our bathroom or the other bedroom in the suite just because it’s not too, too interesting. But, hopefully you enjoyed this little tour. I’ll do my best to link some of the things I have in my room below because I know that I like to pick and buy certain things from other dorm/room tours.


Buy Stuff Here:


Literally everything on my desk is Homegoods or Marshalls

Fairy Lights

Duvet Cover– Unfortunately Urban Outfitters doesn’t sell my duvet cover anymore but they have a lot of great alternatives!

Light Up Letters


Blanket on back of couch

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