Italy, The Lumineers, and the Start of a New Year

I haven’t written in what feels like a million years. But, in my own defense, there has been a lot happening. In January I was able to travel and study abroad in Venice Italy for three weeks with my University. I have to say, it was the greatest three weeks of my life so far. There is literally so much I could write about- experiences, sightseeing, packing, food, etc. If I wrote a post here about my time in Italy, it would actually take up pages and pages worth of content. So, I’m going to insert some pictures here that I think encapsulates my experience there and hopefully give you a feel for the magic that Italy creates.

While in Italy I was able to travel to Venice, Rome, Florence, and the island of Murano, Burano, and Torcello. All more magical than anything I’ve ever experienced. Additionally, the class I was able to take while I was there was a Public Relations Blogging class. We wrote about our experiences and travels each day so if you would like to check that out, feel free to head to this link. If anybody has any questions about my time there, places I stayed, ate, visited, feel free to shoot me a message… be my friend. Please.


Italy’s not the ONLY exciting thing that’s happened during the new year. On February 2 I went to see The Lumineers in concert at Madison Square Garden and I can honestly say it was probably the best concert I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen One Direction, twice. The atmosphere was so chill and calm and filled with peace, love, and music. My friend and I got balcony seats overlooking the whole venue and stage. Halfway through the concert, they traveled to a stage in the middle of the floor and simply walked through the crowd and didn’t even get mobbed. That’s a pretty rare occurrence for concerts if I do say so myself. Here’s some cute pics from the best concert:


So now that syllabus week is over and the craziness of January is over, I’m really excited to start blogging more often again. There is a direction I want to slowly start to take my blog in and, hopefully, I’ll be able to achieve that. Thanks to whoever actually reads this sad excuse for a blog!



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